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Henry Hills

Radio Adios

RADIO ADIOS has been restored by Anthology Film Archives with support for the National Film Preservation Foundation and will be included on the forthcoming DVD box TREASURES 6: NEXT WAVE AVANT-GARDE.

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Review of New York Film Festival screening by Mónica Savirón.

A superabundance of useless information effectively subdues freedom of speech. Condense and survive!

Radio Adios (1982) is a monologue in 12 plaited strands; an extremely precise, condensed and intensely rhythmic Busby Berkeleyish spectacle of an examination of conversational and literary language over a fair range of vocal timbre, microphones, volume settings and single-system sync peculiarities and its dissolution into music to the accompaniment of simultaneous Manhattan ambiances punctuated by fragments of jazz, personalized handheld camera movement, movement from cut to cut--juxtapositions of scale, pulsating changes in light intensity, a varying pallette of various filmstocks, generations, etc., at an appropriately furious pace and in strict one-track sync,.offering simultaneously several levels of apprehension or interpretation to encourage multiple viewings.

Brakhage says it's real.

Starring Hannah Weiner, Diane Ward, Sally Silvers, Jemeel Moondoc & Muntu, Aline Mayer, Jackson MacLow, Abigail Child, Charles Bernstein, Bruce Andrews and Rashied Ali on drums, with George Kuchar as a Maoist revolutionary.

Text published in O.ARS/3: TRANSLATIONS (Cambridge, 1983).