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MONEY was picked as a “Featured Resource” on the PennSound site, and is reviewed in Jacket2 by Brian Ang as part of his “PennSound & Politics” series.

Now available for rental in 35mm from Sixpackfilm.

“If time is money, this 15 minute film is a bargain.”

—J. Hoberman, Village Voice

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Money (1985) is an historical document of the early days of "language poetry" and the downtown improvised music scene.

A manic collage film from the mid-80s when it still seemed that Reaganism of the soul could be defeated. Filmed primarily on the streets of Manhattan for the ambient sounds and movements and occasional pedestrian interaction to create a rich tapestry of swirling colors and juxtaposed architectural spaces in deep focus and present the intense urban overflowing energy that is experience living here. Money is thematically centered around a discussion of economic problems facing avant-garde artists. Discussion, however, is fragmented into words and phrases and reassembled into writing. Musical and movement phrases are woven through this conversation to create an almost operatic composition. Give me money!

Starring: John Zorn, Diane Ward, Carmen Vigil, Susie Timmons, Sally Silvers, Ron Silliman, James Sherry, Peter Hall, David Moss, Mark Miller, Christian Marclay, Arto Lindsay, Pooh Kaye, Fred Frith, Alan Davies, Tom Cora, Jack Collom, Yoshiko Chuma, Abigail Child, Charles Bernstein, Derek Bailey, and Bruce Andrews.

Includes rare footage of the premieres of Zorn's Croquet at Soundscape and Track & Field at Roulette, the Toy Killers at Studio Henry (One Morton Street), and early Skeleton Crew at the Public Theatre.

“Hills edits his films on an electron microscope, placing audiovisual particle energies in combustive arrangements. He's inventing soundfilm, taking synesthesia further. When Money talks it puts the Lower East Side in a swirl, personality and poverty go into their dance. The film is a loud report, on a scene of bright ephemera, that doesn't die away.”

—Ken Jacobs


Alan Davies
Arto Lindsay
Carol Emmanuel
Charles Bernstein
David Moss
John Zorn
Pooh Kaye
Sally Silvers
Sally Silvers
Susie Timmons
Yoshiko Chuma
John Zorn’s Croquet at Soundscape


Making Money

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